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About Us - Est 1989

The Wenselydale farm is located 45 kilometers north-west of Johannesburg, South Africa. It lies in a dolomitic limestone area, which has a sandy loam soil and exceptionally pure, sweet water. The soil needs only compost to grow the finest vegetables and organic fruit. We have a distribution center on the farm and market organic produce for over 80 other organic farmers in different climatic zones.  We are therefore able to extend the seasons and range of our produce.

Our Distribution Network

We presently supply Pick ‘n Pay, Hyperama, Shoprite Checkers, our own stall at the Bryanston Organic Market,  Thrupps, Greenlands in Parkview, as well as some smaller outlets with fresh produce. Our new range of Dry Goods is being shipped nationally and as well as several outlets in Johannesburg and Pretoria we are sending a large amount of the dry goods range to Cape Town. Our entire range of both fresh produce and dry goods is also available on line. We regret that fresh produce is only available in Pretoria and  Johannesburg . Our dry goods range is delivered to your door by courier.

Our Commitment to Quality  - 100% Certified Organic

Wensleydale Farms is committed to growing, sourcing and packaging only certified organic goods and our packing facilities are certified as organic distribution centers, as well as having a separate certification for the farm.  Goods packaged in our certified packing sheds maintain their organic integrity throughout the receiving, packaging and dispatch processes and you can be assured there is no possibility of either contamination or substitution with chemically grown or enhanced product.

Convenient Online Shop

Through on line shopping offered on this site, we are offering as wide a range as possible of both fresh and dry goods. Wensleydale has in the past only offered their own branded products for sale but with more and more organic producers making more and more organic products available we are now able to offer certified organic items from a variety of other organic growers. We have a number of secure payment options for your online shopping convenience.

Delivery to your doorstep

We offer a number of delivery options to certain routes and free delivery to designated collection points. >Click here to view route and pickup point details