Who we Are

a little story about us

Wensleydale Farms has been instrumental in the development of the organic sector within South Africa  since it’s inception in 1989. The involvement of Wensleydale & its out-growers in the organic sector has led to Wensleydale being the primary and strongest organic brand within South Africa, supplying major retailers in the country . A selection of the produce from Wensleydale is also  exported.

Organic Vegetables

We focuse on a diverse vegetable offerings whilst ensuring good quality consistent supply

Organic Fruits

We Source the best and only organic fruit, to make sure quality is inline with our own offering

Organic Dry Food

Our basket of dry foods includes dehydrated vegetable, fruits and a selection of dry groceries

At our Core

Our product integrity is at the core of who we are at Wensleydale and  as such we continuously take special care  at each stage of the chain, from planting to final consumption.

From a position of traditionally growing & distributing certified organic fresh fruits and vegetables, Wensleydale has diversified its products range into :

  • Fresh Produce and Vegetables
  • Processed Fresh Produce & Fruits
  • Dehydrated & Dry Products


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