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a little about us

Wensleydale Farms was started in 1989 by the late Tim Jackson and his wife Sue. They acquired the farm Portion 367 Knoppieslaagte in 1996 and moved their organic farming and distribution centre to the present property in the same year. Wensleydale is now led by Magapa Ngako- Phaweni, living up to the standards that were created by the Jackson family but also crafting a new path which seeks to align itself with the current Global competitive trends.

Wensleydale Farms has since it’s inception been instrumental in the development of the organic sector within South Africa. The involvement of Wensleydale and its members within the organic sector of South Africa has led to Wensleydale being the primary and strongest organic brand within South Africa, supplying major retailers with both fresh produce and dry goods.

From a position of traditionally growing, marketing and distributing certified organic fresh fruit and vegetables,

Wensleydale has   joined   hands with its divisional training company, Institute of focused development   to impart knowledge to all those who are new in Farming and Agri business. Wensleydale Institute of focused development training programmes are  led by individuals with vast experience and knowledge of business, production environments and running own businesses for more than 30 years.

For Emerging Farmers

Mentorship Calendar for Organic Production


Mentoship Sessions For

Certifications and Internal Controls



Purpose: This workshop is meant for managers and business owners who want to learn from practical experiences of others and improve their knowledge of running an agribusiness

Business Value

Business value proposition and positioning

Business Plan

Importance of a business plan

The Markets

The markets (demand and supply)

Business Risks

Evaluating of Business risks

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing overview and Strategy

Costing & Budgeting

Importance of understanding product Costing and budgeting process.


Training Partner

Let us help you not to reinvent the wheel and help you learn from failures and successes

of others.

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